Research Interests

Dr MacKenzie’s research interests are in Early Modern British and Irish History from c.1603-1788.  In particular she is focused on the following areas:

The Wars of the Three Kingdoms 1638-1660

Most recently Dr MacKenzie’s research and publications have focused of the ‘covenanted interest’ of the Three Kingdoms from 1638-1660 and has a forthcoming monograph on the subject due to be published by Routledge in September 2017.

Dr MacKenzie has published journal articles on the multiple political, religious and diplomatic dimensions of the conflict.

Print Culture in the Seventeenth Century

Dr MacKenzie has had a longstanding interest in this field since her undergraduate days and has followed recent developments closely.  Dr MacKenzie has been approached by Routledge to produce a cutting edge volume on print culture.  Her own focus is on print culture during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms.

The Jacobites 1688-1788 

One of Dr MacKenzie’s emerging interests is on the Jacobite conflicts between 1688-1788.  In particular she is interested in the impact of the conflict on the lives of ordinary people particularly those living in Britain and Ireland.

Dr MacKenzie is currently transcribing a diary which gives a valuable insight into the Jacobite wars from the perspective of an ordinary working man.

Relations between France and Britain: Anglo-French and Franco-Scottish Diplomacy

Dr MacKenzie has had an interest in this area since the mid-1990s and is at the moment  focusing her attention on the period between 1638-1715 and hopes to expand her interest in this area significantly in the near future.