Events and Conference Papers

Dr MacKenzie is very happy to be contacted by history groups, academic departments, or heritage bodies to give papers on her areas of interest.  Please use the contact form on the webpage or e-mail her at

Dr MacKenzie has spoken at many conferences and events throughout Britain and Ireland.

Select Conference Papers

Paper Delivered at National Trust for Scotland Culloden

2017 ‘Alexander Smith and the Jacobite Risings’

Paper Delivered at ICHPI Conference, Dublin

2013 ‘Contextualising the Irish Confederate Oath of Association’,

Paper Delivered at the AHRC funded Anglo-Scottish Symposium at the University of Manchester

2013 ‘Exclusion or Inclusion? The Anglo-Scottish War Effort and the Politics of Propaganda 1643-1647’

 Paper Delivered at the Maritime communities of the North Atlantic Arc: contexts, connections and comparisons University of Strathclyde.

2013 MacKenzie KM ‘Northern Exposure: The Hebrides, Anglo-Dutch war and the politics of Glencairn’s Rising’

Paper Delivered at the Representations of Authority Conference, University of Stirling

2012 The Ties that Bind: The Glasgow Fire of 1652 and Anglo-Scottish Relations

Paper Delivered at Liminal Communities Symposium RIISS, University of Aberdeen

2011 ‘The Scottish Highlands and the politics of the London Press during the mid seventeenth century’

Paper delivered at the Reading Early Modern Studies Conference

2010    The Awkward Neighbour:  Scotland and the creation of the English Republic

Paper delivered at the Jacobite Studies Conference, University of Strathclyde

2010  Faith and Fortune: Alexander Smith and the Jacobite Risings

New Perspectives on Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Scotland,

Economic and Social History Society of Scotland Conference 2010

2010    Dismantling the Republic: A Fresh Perspective on Cromwellian Scotland

Republican Exchanges Conference at University of Newcastle

2009    ‘Established Law Versus the Sword’: The Illegality of English Republicanism in Scotland 1649-1660’

Research Institute of Scottish and Irish Studies at University of Aberdeen

2005   ‘Henry Cromwell: The Saviour of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland?’

International Cross-currents Conference at Trinity College Dublin

2004   ‘Loyalty to King or Covenant Retained: Presbyterians and the English Commonwealth 1649-1653’.